Internet Marketing in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge Ontario

Many times we are asked what the difference is between internet marketing and Search Engine Marketing. And the answer depends on who you listen to.

We believe that Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a component of the much larger field of internet marketing. Search Engine Marketing refers to getting your website found for terms relevant to your product or service in towns and cities like Woodstock, London or Cambridge, Ontario.

Internet marketing encompasses that, but also includes things like sponsored advertising (paying for ads on search engines like Google to have your website found for searchers in Kitchener and Waterloo for example, but not appear anywhere else). It can also include social media marketing where you use services like Twitter, Youtube and Facebook to market your website.

At BestRank SEO we prefer to focus on SEM, otherwise known as Search Engine Marketing. That is because this is the harder type of marketing online, and we are experts at it, but also because the ROI (return on investment) for marketing specifically in the organic search engine rankings is much better.

You see, with other forms of internet marketing such as PPC (Pay Per Click) you are paying for every single click that someone makes on your ad. Even if you limit your advertising to only Waterloo, Kitchener or Cambridge, your daily budget can run into several hundred dollars per day.

With organic Search Engine Marketing, we can just as easily target your website at searchers in Kitchener and Waterloo, but at a much lower cost per click.  That is because our fees are charged monthly and not per click. For the average website the cost for organic Search Engine Marketing works out to pennies per click, but for other forms of internet marketing, such as pay per click, it can run into several dollars per click.

So if you want to effectively perform internet marketing online, then you must focus your dollars on organic Search Engine Marketing. It is much more effective and much more cost effective than other forms of online advertising.

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