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RoVer Barbets

Hello Glen,

It was great meeting you at a trade show and having such a great conversation discussing my web site.

I had already spent a significant amount having my web site professionally done but was dissatisfied with the support and maintenance that was being provided. After speaking with you and liking the way you were able to explain some of my frustrations on posting and updating my site, I decided to engage your expertise. You and your staff were able to fix and update my site and you also provided support teaching me how to do it. Having a updated site provided potential customers to view my dogs and code of ethics and breeding program.

You notified me of a SEO program that had had great success and initially I was hesitant as there are so many SEO programs out there. With 3 litters of puppies planned and your past success in helping me with my web site I decided to commit. I just wanted to Thank you for recommending the SEO program.  I had my doubts but I had so many inquiries there is no doubt in my mind the program increased my visibility to potential clients.  Once they were on my great website done by your company, they contacted me.  I have had three litters this year, 28 puppies of which 2 I kept and 26 puppies sold to happy Puppy Parents!

Note 75% of my sales come from my website designed and marketed my BestRank SEO

If you are concidering BestRank SEO, you can reach me at 1-866-531-0923

Veronica Matthews

Personal Testimony

I have had the pleasure of working with Glen for 4 years in my previous role as General Manager with Lindsay Construction Services (LCS). Glen was responsible for all of the company’s IT requirements, and in addition provided SEO services.

The SEO program at LCS was complex in the sense that the company had over 30 search terms, covering a broad range of services, and targeting many different geographic areas.

A significant challenge to the SEO program was LCS’s main competitors had maintained dominant ranking results for a long time. When the SEO program was first launched LCS didn’t rank in the first 3 search result pages for 90% of the critical search terms.

Within a month results were visible, and the company’s first page rankings increased monthly. The number of search terms that surpassed the competitors rankings steadily increased.

Leads and contracts resulting from clients searching for the services provided by LCS increased significantly.

From a cost perspective I have found Glen’s fees to be substantially lower than any other SEO consultants I considered.

In my 30 years of Senior Management roles with various companies Glen is the best IT and SEO professional I have worked with, not just for his technical competence, but also for his professionalism and friendly personality.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my experience with Glen’s SEO and IT services. I can be reached at…

226-203-4845 or marha@bell.net

Lex Haga, MBA